We understand that thinking of going through braces treatment can be daunting. The treatment time can be long and uncomfortable. We aim to reduce that with the use of SureSmile.

When you visit our office to have your braces placed on your teeth, our dentist will take detailed images of your teeth, which is turned into a 3D image that he can examine from all angles. With these 3D images, we can more precisely and accurately plan how your teeth should move during treatment for quicker results. SureSmile software calculates the wire bends needed to more efficiently and directly move your teeth into their proper place, according to the plan we set with the 3D images. Because of this calculation, this means you spend less time wearing braces.

Studies show that SureSmile can cut the treatment time down by one-third, which means you have a straighter, more beautiful smile faster than with traditional braces treatment. With a SureSmile treatment, most orthodontists can generally have their patients out of braces eight months earlier than when wearing traditional braces. Call our office today at 360-650-1458 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kenneth Taylor and learn more about SureSmile in Bellingham, Washington, and how it gets you on the way to a brighter smile.